Acenna uses Artificial Intelligence to help complex, technical sales teams prioritize and engage the right customers, at the right time using the data they already have. 


We make actionable recommendations that help the commercial organization be more strategic with less effort. Sales organizations spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours curating customer data. But, customer data is not being used to its full potential. There is an untapped opportunity to use the data to create a more effective, more sustainable sales process. 


Acenna makes it easy to work smarter, not harder.

Featured Resources

Acenna believes that selling complex, technical products requires a unique sales process and a special set of skills. We study that process and those skills extensively. Check out our blog!

Special Report: The Life Science State of Sales

This report studies the current and imminent trends affecting sales teams in the the Life Sciences. The report examines how sales is changing from three perspectives.

Definitive Guide to ABMS in the Life Sciences Cover.jpg

White Paper: Definitive Guide to Account Based Market & Sales in the Life Sciences

Account Based Marketing and Sales is being employed by more and more companies who sell technical, high-value products for two reasons