Acenna Assistant

The best reminders on the face of the planet.

Stop wasting time digging through data. Get the right people in front of you so you can manage more relationships.

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Trusted by 25+ great teams including:

New England Biolabs
Kaon Interactive

Meet your new assistant

Free Up Head Space

Acenna works with you to organize and manage your high value conversations. Login to our app and see your most important contacts first.

Always Learning

Acenna's recommendations are personalized to you and get better with use.

Integrations (Email & CRM)

Acenna works out of the box and plugs into your existing systems. We integrate with most email providers and popular CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot

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Acenna’s next best action system helps you manage more conversations.

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Acenna takes data security seriously. Your data is yours, and we never sell it to third parties. All data is securely processed with Microsoft Azure.


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Get started with Acenna free using just your email. For CRM or custom analytics please request a demo.

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It's high-return for little effort. Acenna augments me and the rest of the sales team so that we reach more customers.

Brad Callow
Director of Sales and Business Development @ iSpecimen

My team is excited to see what Acenna uncovers for them each week. Acenna allows me to step away from diving into the data - so that we can focus on more strategic or tactical issues.

Dave Ails
National Sales Manager @ NEB
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Since the contacts correspond to my trips, they make me more efficient when I’m traveling through a large territory. I can have more meetings on my trips without frantically emailing or cold calling. It’s just easier.

Ryan Aruck
Account Manager @ NEB

Acenna puts a prospect short-list right in front of me. Rather than mining data and chunking through 150 people. I can send a quick, targeted email when a prospect is top of mind.

Liz Esielionis
Sales and Business Development Manager @ iSpecimen
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